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Work Experience
Contract 3D Artist
InVisM: Fall 09 - Current
  • Developed 3D Environments and objects for use in real-time Military simulation
  • Made recommendations on development pipeline and coordinated model development to meet project timeline goals.
  • Worked directly with engineers to ensure models met engine techinical requirments.
  • Freelance 3D, Illustration, Web & Graphic Design
    Freelance Professional: Winter 05 - Present
  • Freelance consultation in the areas of art, 3D, visual design, web, and business planning.
  • Clients include Worlds Apart Productions, Funovation, Archery Interactive, and local fine artists.
  • Game & Level Designer, Artist
    Leviathan Games: Spring 08 - Spring '09
  • Lead level designer for Disney's Call of the Kraken, responsible for dialog, objectives and scripting.
  • Responsible for the creation and editing of design documents and proposals including DDR for mobile devices.
  • Contributed ideas and research to proposals for company clients including Konami, Apple, Disney, and Microsoft.
  • Created and worked with both 2D and 3D art for various projects.
  • Art Director, Project Manager, Designer
    DreamQuest Software: Winter 07 - Spring '08
  • Art review and direction for Championship and Ace's Rescue PC card games.
  • Reviewed and managed artists and art interns.
  • Designed tutorials to introduce new players to Hearts, Spades and Klondike Solitaire.
  • Project manager for Championship Solitaire Challenge.
  • Artist I / Art Director for Star Chamber
    Worlds Apart/Sony Online Entertainment: Summer 06 - Winter '07
  • Responsible for creating digital assets for Worlds Apart/SOE projects including Pirates! CSG, StarChamber and StarGate: TCG.
  • Responsible for directing freelance and contract artists.
  • Lead Artist / Designer / Project Manager
    Evil Genius Games: Summer 03 - Winter 05
  • Design role on several commerical titles, including Rhiannon's Realm, Rise of the Nile, and Tiki Pop.
  • Creation and maintence of design documentation for several game titles.
  • Project manager for the game Tiki Pop.
  • Designed and created art and user interface elements for three commercial games.
  • Directed contract artists.
  • Assistant Artist
    Worlds Apart Productions: Spring 03 - Summer '03
  • Assisted with creation of graphical user interface for The Lord of the Rings online card game.
  • Assisted lead artist in creating assets for online versions of Decipher's properties.
  • Modeler / Texturer
    Hypernova Studios: Fall 01 - Spring '02
  • Contributed character and object designs.
  • Modeled and textured characters for the commercial massively multiplayer game, The Moons of Arksyra.
    Game/Software Titles
    DanceDanceRevolution: iDance (iPhone)
    DanceDanceRevolution: Mobius (iPod)
    Action AllStars: Pitching Ace (Web)
    Slide (iPod/Android)
    Dreamgate (PC)
    3D Paint With Me! (Wiiware)
    Wii Mahjongg (Wiiware)
    Spyder Speed Freaks (Wiiware)
    Marvel CGM Battle Online (PC/iPhone)
    Smash Derby (Wiiware)
    Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Call of the Kraken (PC)
    Championship Solitaire Challenge (PC)
    Block Party (Wii)
    Uno: Mardi Gras (PC)
    Ace's Rescue: Blackbeard's Booty (PC)
    Ace's Rescue: Queen of Hearts (PC)
    Pirates! Online Constructable Card Game (PC)
    Alpha Colony: Return to Irata (PC)
    Stargate Trading Card Game (PC/Print)
    Spore: Trading Card Game (PC)
    StarChamber (PC)
    AutoAssault: Trading Card Game (PC)
    TechnoHunt Archery Simulator (PC)
    Tiki Pop! (PC)
    Rise of the Nile (PC/MAC)
    Rhiannon's Realm (PC/MAC)
    The Lord of The Rings: Online Trading Card Game (PC)
    The Moons of Arksyra (PC)
    Level design/layout: UnrealEd (level layout, use of lighting system, particle & actor creation), in-game editor for Tribes, and various level design tools used for both internal and external game projects.
    Modeling/Texturing: 3ds Max, Nendo/Wings3D, Bryce, some Zbrush, Maya
    Digital Illustration/Texture creation: Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, FilterForge.
    Video/Effects: After Effects, Premiere, Particle Illusion
    Documentation/Design: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, InDesign, SVN/CVS. Sound Editing/Design: SoundForge
    Traditional Skills: Drawing, character design, writing, illustration, team-based project management, art direction.
    BA Media Arts and Animation
       Art Institute of Colorado: Fall 98 - Sum. 03
       Cumulative GPA 4.0
    Colorado Game Developers Association (served as Webmaster, Chair, and Assistant Chair)
    International Game Developers Association
    Boulder Art Association
    Martial Arts
    Creative Writing
    Gaming / Game Design Theory