the Art of Colton Hoerner the Art of Colton Hoerner the Art of Colton Hoerner

Colton Hoerner Demo Reel

3ds Max, Photoshop, After Effects, UnrealEd

Project Breakdown

Warmachine Boneripper
Evil Genius Games
This is the Boneripper, based on one of the models in the game. I modeled, textured, rigged, animated, lit, and even mixed the sounds for this clip
Stargate: Trading Card Game Stargate
Sony Online Entertainment
I meticulously constructed this gate from reference photos and information provided by designer Evan Lorentz. Artist Steve Thoma helped place the glyphs. I created this 3D asset that was used for marketing materials as well as placed on the cards themselves. I did most of the modeling, as well as all texturing, lighting, and a little rigging on the gate.
Action Allstars: Pitching Ace Animations
Leviathan Games / Six Degrees
Working closely with art director Louise Smith, I created various baseball animations for use in the Pitching Ace minigame. The number of frames used in each animation was critical because each additional frame added to the overall download size of the game. I was responsible solely for animations on this project.
WizKid's Pirates Online: Ships & Monsters
Sony Online Entertainment
I created several of the in-game ship models and textured them using some original source files from the game's plastic version. I was also responsible for modeling, rigging, and animating and doing some texture work on the game's sea monsters. I also created the in-game particles and effects inside of the Nebula engine used by the game.
Tiki Pop!
Evil Genius Games / Hypernova Games
I served as lead designer and artist on Tiki Pop! I designed, textured, rigged and animated the monkey avatar used in the game, as well as the game pieces and effects. Adam Adamowicz created the background art.
Unreal Tournament 2003: DM_Aquarium
I created this original level for use with Unreal Tournament 2003 as a personal project. I designed the level, built the main layout,lighting, and particle effects in UnrealEd, and modeled and textured all the environmental objects in 3ds Max.
Dinosaur Warrior
In creating this 3D character model as a personal project, I researched source material, built a clay maquette, and then modeled, rigged and animated the final character.
Battle Angel
I created, modeled, and lit this ship.
I created, modeled, textured, and lit this environment for use in a personal comic project I was involved in with several colleagues.