the Art of Colton Hoerner the Art of Colton Hoerner the Art of Colton Hoerner

My artwork is divided by project. Click on a logo below to see artwork from that project.
Personal and some one-off contract work can be viewed under the "Other Works" category below.

2D and 3D illustration
3D modeling, texturing, graphic design
3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and real-time effects
Interface design
2D illustration, character design, flash animation
2D illustration and interface design
Graphic design
Interface design & illustration, real time effects
Web design, layout and creation
3D modeling, 2D illustration, 3D/2D animation, effects, interface design
Graphic design
2D/3D illustration & interface design
2D illustration & character design
Character design, illustration, graphic design
Graphic design, 2D & 3D illustration
2D character design, illustration, and interface design
3D & 2D illustration
2D illustration, character & interface design
3D animation
Interface and graphic design
3D modeling & animation, 2D illustration, character design
Character design, illustration
3D artwork and interface design
Sketches, illustrations and 3D works
2D illustration & interface design
Graphic design